Workshop on Flexible and Printable Technologies for Electronics and Electromagnetics (FPTEE)

The development of flexible and printable devices is a fast-growing field of interest in the areas of electronics and electromagnetics. These devices have the potential to be used in various applications, such as healthcare, robotics, and IoT. Conductive and dielectric polymers are the key materials used, and they are typically deposited using printing techniques like inkjet, screen, fused filament fabrication, or vat-polymerization. In addition to antennas and RFID tags, electromagnetic devices that are flexible and printable are also being created using these technologies. Furthermore, integrating flexible and printable electronics into products such as textiles and packaging is an area of progress. Despite the progress, challenges still exist, such as device performance, reliability, and cost. This workshop will provide a forum for experts to discuss the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in this exciting field of research. Attendees will be able to present their research, share their knowledge and experiences, and network with their peers. The workshop will cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

Topics Include (but are not limited to)

  • Novel materials (organic, inorganic and hybrid) for manufacturing of electronics and electromagnetics

  • Advanced fabrication technologies for antennas and their integration concepts in flexible electronic systems

  • Transparent RF electronics and antennas

  • Impact of mechanical antenna deformation on their electromagnetic performance.

  • Additive manufacturing methods for electronics (from lab to large scale)

  • 3D-printing in electromagnetics

  • Flexible/conventional electronic integration

  • Printed and flexible RFID technologies and their applications (active, passive, chip-less)

  • Hybrid electronics & Internet of Things (IoT) concepts for Smart Sensing

  • Sustainable/Green Electronic and Electromagnetic Devices

  • Printable electronics and photonics

  • Energy generation for wireless communication and wireless system integration

  • Wearable electronic systems and smart skins

  • Additively Manufactured RF systems and applications

  • Space-based Additively Manufactured Electronics subsystems

  • Thin film or flexible energy applications

  • Energy storage elements (batteries, supercapacitors) and their integration in wireless systems

  • Wide area processing of smart surfaces

  • Flexible RF modules

  • Flexible/Printable RFID inlays and antennas

Types of submissions

The IEEE RFID 2023 Workshop on Flexible and Printable Technologies for Electronics and Electromagnetics accepts the following submission types.

  • Long Papers (6 pages)

Peer-reviewed, submissions due March 20th, 2023 March 27th, 2023!

Peer-reviewed manuscripts intended for publication on IEEExplore.  Manuscripts should be max 6 pages, submitted by the advertised conference deadline (March 20th, 2023 March 27th, 2023).  See the online call-for-papers submission instructions.

Stay tuned on this website for student travel grant opportunities, conference program, and more.  Participation and attendance in the Workshop on Flexible and Printable Technologies for Electronics and Electromagnetics is included for IEEE RFID 2023 registrations.