13-15 JUNE 2023

17th Annual International Conference on RFID.
The Conference will be co-located with RAIN ALLIANCE meeting

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The 2023 IEEE RFID organizing committee would like to extend a huge thank you to all the attendees, speakers, authors and volunteers for being part of another successful IEEE RFID conference. We would also like to give a special thanks to all our patrons for their continued support for our events. We had very high quality papers from the international RFID community, covering a very broad spectrum of RFID technology. Thank you to all for being a part of IEEE RFID 2023!

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists of Best Paper and Best Poster Awards:

IEEE RFID 2023 Best Paper Award

"Exploiting Synergies between Augmented Reality and RFIDs for Item Localization and Retrieval", Tara Boroushaki, Maisy L Lam, Wei-Tung Chen, Laura Dodds (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Aline Eid (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA); Fadel Adib (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

IEEE RFID 2023 Best Paper Finalists

"Ambiguity-Free 3D Millimeter-Precision RFID Tag Localization Inside Building Materials", Guoyi Xu and Edwin Kan (Cornell University, USA)
"Software-Controlled Polarization for Longer-Range RFID Reading and Localization", Laura Dodds and Nazish Naeem (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Aline Eid (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA); Fadel Adib (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

IEEE RFID 2023 Best Poster Award (judges vote)

"Passive UHF-RFID technology as an enabler for reliable Safety Systems", Andrea Motroni, Alice Buffi, Emanuele Tavanti and Paolo Nepa (University of Pisa, Italy); Luca Catarinucci (University of Salento, Italy); Roberto Gabbrielli (University of Pisa, Italy); Danilo Monarca (University of Tuscia, Italy); Marco Pirozzi and Luciano Di Donato (INAIL, Italy); Leonardo Vita (Italian Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work - INAIL, Italy)

IEEE RFID 2023 Best Poster Award (popular vote)

“Distributed Ambiently Powered in-Network Estimation with Backscatter Sensing”, Georgios Perakis, Georgios Apostolakis, Georgios Vougioukas and Aggelos Bletsas (Technical University of Crete, Greece)


Exciting Days

Welcome to the 17th Annual International Conference on RFID

The main conference promoted by the IEEE Council on RFID that offers a unique opportunity to share, discuss, and witness research results in all areas of RFID technologies and their applications. The conference will be co-located with the RAIN ALLIANCE meeting.


Tuesday - Thursday, 13 - 15 June, 2023


UW HUB, 4001 E Stevens Way NE, Seattle, WA 98195, US



Call for Papers and Posters are online

Submit your contribution and get a chance to present your latest cutting-edge research activities!

Our Keynote Speakers

Prof. Fadel Adib

MIT Media Lab

Keynote Title:

Bringing Backscatter to New Domains: Oceans, In-Body, Robotics, and Augmented Reality​

Keynote Bio:

Fadel Adib is an Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab and EECS, where he leads the Signal Kinetics research group. He is an inventor of new wireless and sensor technologies that address complex problems in health monitoring, networking, robotics, and ocean IoT. Adib has founded multiple startups, including Cartesian Systems, which aims to sense the physical world at an unprecedented scale and precision. His research has been recognized with various honors, including being named one of the world's top 35 innovators under 35 and the ACM SIGMOBILE Rockstar Award.

Keynote Title:

FarmVibes: Democratizing Digital Tools for Sustainable Agriculture

Keynote Bio:

Ranveer Chandra is a high-profile technology researcher, currently serving as the Managing Director for Research for Industry and CTO of Agri-Food at Microsoft, while also leading the Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research, Redmond. He is known for his work on VirtualWiFi, low power Wi-Fi, and Software Defined Batteries, which have shipped as features in various Microsoft products. Ranveer is an active member of the networking and systems research community and has published over 100 papers, holds over 150 patents, and has won numerous awards. He was recently recognized by Newsweek magazine as one of America's 50 most Disruptive Innovators.

Ranveer Chandra

Managing Director, Research for Industry Partner Manager, Networking Research CTO, Agri-Food, Microsoft

Our Tutorials

Jeffrey Dungen

Co-Founder and CEO of reelyActive

Tutorial on:

Context-Aware Physical Spaces

As the AIDC industry celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the technology has evolved such that today, almost anything can be radio-identified, using standard passive and active tags, at a range of several metres or more. As such, contextual awareness at the scale of a physical space becomes a possibility through the identification, location and sensor data capture of everything present. This tutorial will cover how this data is captured, processed, represented and distributed to enable context-aware physical spaces, with a focus on RAIN RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies, off-the-shelf hardware, and open source middleware. Current and emerging use cases will be presented, as well as a live, interactive demonstration.

Our Workshops

Chris Brown

RFID Subject Matter Expert at TSC Printronix Auto ID

Bertus Pretorius

Solution Architect at Tönnjes

Workshop on:

From Barcodes to RAIN, the 101 of tag data. Be a champion, do it right

This workshop explores the scope and correct use of the RAIN RFID data structures. The exploration deals with the key air protocol features to ensure efficient and effective item identification, the use of item attributes, authenticity and privacy. Notably, RAIN RFID provides a reliable reading of many tags over distances of 10m, which assists in full automation. The massive increase in the RAIN tag population (more than 30 billion tags were consumed in 2022) has RAIN-enabled applications read space increasingly overlapping. Understanding the use of RAIN data structures will prevent applications from being swamped by unwanted tags, which may lead to application failure when least expected. The exploration considers RAIN, barcode and NFC data interoperability, acknowledging that in many cases RAIN is added to an existing barcode system.

Workshop sessions on different topics!

Join us in Seattle for an engaging meeting with RAIN Alliance, IEEE and other industry colleagues for opportunities to network and discuss innovative applications, success stories and technical advances! We look forward to seeing you there!

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